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Green Jobs - Green NY

Green Jobs- Green NY (GJGNY) Program provides New Yorkers with access to a FREE or reduced Comprehensive Home Assessments (CHA), incentives on installation services and low-cost financing. Participants may finance qualified energy efficiency improvements using the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Loan or New York Energy $mart Loan. Only work performed by a Building Performance Institute - Accredited Contractor participating in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program will qualify for program incentives. You can choose from the following financing options to pay for the cost of work. You may be eligible for additional incentives including the High Efficiency Measure Incentives (HEMI).

Option 1: On-bill recovery loans
On-bill recovery loans provide you the convenience of paying for energy improvements:
  • The current interest rate is 2.99%
  • Payments will be included in monthly charges from your utility
  • Your annual loan payment is calculated to not exceed the anticipated amount of money you save on energy costs
  • When you sell your home you will have the option to transfer the unpaid balance of loan to the new owners

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Option 2: Unsecured loans
Unsecured loans offer affordable interest rates, flexible terms and simple repayment options. The current interest rate is 3.99% or 3.49% if you pay via automatic bank withdrawals repaid monthly directly to NYSERDA's loan servicer

High Efficiency Measure Incentives (HEMI)
To make energy efficiency even more affordable, you may be eligible to receive 10% of the cost of eligible energy efficiency improvements, up to a maximum incentive of $3,000. This incentives are available in conjunction with the Home Performance ENERGY STAR Loan, but cannot be combined with the Energy $mart Loan. Payment is authorized after you sign the Certificate of Completion and the Program Implementer reviews the project.
For full eligibility requirements and instructions on how to apply for either loan, call us today!

Empower New York

EmPower NY is a program sponsored by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). If you are part of a household with a limited income, FLC can help you take control of your energy usage for FREE.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Food Stamps
  • HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)
  • SSI Payments
  • Public Assistance

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