Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Comprehensive Home Assessment (CHA) FREE?

FLC is offering FREE Comprehensive Home Assessments for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Normally prices for CHA range from $250.00- $400.00. Please call to get more information.

2. Why should I provide a 12 month usage of gas/electric/oil bills prior to the CHA?

The NY and NJ Home Performance with Energy Star Programs require that prior to the appointment you provide 12 months usage of gas/electric/oil bills. It displays the energy consumption for the whole year so it helps to determine which upgrades would be most beneficial for the house. The utility bills are needed to perform a true energy CHA.

3. What happens during the CHA?

Possibly up to three technicians show up to perform a FREE Comprehensive Home Assessment. The whole process can take 2-3 hours to test the whole house. The technicians will test the duct system, test for air leakage, check the existing insulation and other energy deficiencies. They will also check the appliances to see if upgrades are needed (including refrigerators). Most importantly, technicians will check the house for Health and Safety Measures.

4. Do I have to do work right away?

A proposal will be presented in two days to two weeks after the CHA- this varies on which and how many measures will be proposed. The assessment will be valid for up to a year. We encourage our customers to take action! The sooner you take advantage of the work, the sooner you will feel the comfort and savings.

5. Do I have to do any work once the Comprehensive Home Assessment is completed?

FLC will present a Proposal with the energy efficiency upgrades, which can be done at your house. You are not obligated to do any work, but the recommendations will be strongly encouraged to help save money on the utility bills and increase your comfort. You can decide which work (if any at all) you want done. We can guide you on what we feel is appropriate for your situation.

6. Which program will be best for me?

FLC will determine which program will be best for you- it will be based on location, size of the household, occupants and income. FLC will also determine which energy efficient products and services will be best. We work with few programs- the NYSERDA Program (for NY Residents), NYSERDA Empower (for NY Residents), NJ Clean Energy Program (for NJ Residents), and the AEA Program in NY for Multi Family Buildings with 5-75 Units. We also perform Commercial Assessments.

7. What are my payment options for the work done?

You have the option to pay out-of-pocket but financing is also available. If you decide to go with financing, FLC will provide you with all the necessary contact information for a company offering financing.

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